12 Mysterious Places In India That Hide Amazing Secrets And Beliefs


We as people are anxious to know increasingly and investigate about the secretive spots, questions on the planet.

A few things seem abnormal, unbelievable and remain the way they are. We are stunned with specific occurrences, spots and inquisitive to know how it functions. In any case, not all things can be clarified or contemplated.

India, which is a land social assorted variety, is brimming with astounding things and wonder that unexpected the world.

The nation keeps on stunning us with its shocking insider facts and disclosures since they make no sense. There are many spots with stories in our country that will give you the creeps.

The spots said beneath are more secretive than Bigfoot! Bigfoot is a simian-like animal of American legends that is said to occupy backwoods, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is generally portrayed as an extensive, bristly, bipedal humanoid.

Look at some bewildering places in India and the convictions that run with it.

The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh

The tasteful Lepakshi sanctuary otherwise called Veerabhadra sanctuary was worked in the sixteenth century and is situated in a little chronicled town of Lepakshi in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. It is situated around 15 kilometers east of Hindupur and 120 km north of Bangalore.

The sanctuary has 40 columns. One of them is the “hanging column”. It hangs with no help at the base. Guests at the sanctuary put protests beneath the column with a conviction that it will make the question sacrosanct.